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Embroidered ironing application tuna sushi


Embroidered ironing application

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Ironing patches with sushi, for those who can not get enough of this Japanese delicacy. They have a strong layer of glue, so you can stick them on anything and everything.

These embroidered ironing applications are made in Kyoto, by Kyo-To-To a family business specialized in embroidery.

You can stick the sticker on paper, leather, fabric and plastic. If you leave the sticker on for a while, glue remains on the surface, so beware! On fabric it might come off after washing, so iron-on after application.

1. remove the protective layer
2. place the fabric on a piece of cotton, put the sticker on and use your body weight to hold it firmly for 15-20 seconds, iron the patch
3. Turn everything around and repeat 
4. let the piece cool down on a flat surface
For a good result, you may need to repeat these steps a few times.
We recommend attatiching the patch with needle and thread on clothing.
You can use the iron on cotton and polyester, look out with heat-sensitive materials!

These patches are not for commercial use!

Size: 1.5cmx4.5cm
Material: embroidery thread 100% Rayon, glue: 100% Nylon
Made in Japan

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